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At Ariqx, we specialize in one thing—expert research. We partner with agencies of all sizes to provide detailed market research and UX research. We help you get a solid foundation of who target customers are and their motivators and barriers for purchase—so you can create and implement strategic recommendations for your clients.

Enhance your deliverables with data-backed insights that help you speak the language of consumers, get the messaging right, and build strategy for your clients that help them differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. 

Why partner with Ariqx?

Expertise in Market Research & UX Research

Our seasoned team of researchers conducts comprehensive mixed-methods research, customized to your project needs. We provide statistical significance with quantitative work, and deep, nuanced insights with our qualitative analyses, ensuring a thorough understanding of the market landscape and consumer behavior. Read more on our approach to market research and UX & product testing.

Rich, Actionable Insights

Armed with a wealth of data and insights beyond demographics, we empower your agency’s strategic recommendations, enabling you to tailor your offerings, optimize client satisfaction, and maximize your client’s business outcomes. We provide a deep-dive into psychographics, including statistical modeling specifically for psychographic audience segmentation and detailed personas and journey mapping.

Flexible & Customized

We tailor our research methodologies to meet the unique needs and goals of your project, ensuring that the strategies implemented resonate with purpose and precision. When collecting qualitative research (e.g., interviews or video diary studies), we create playlists of video clips to put into presentations so your client can hear key themes echoed, directly from the voice of the consumer.

Flexible & Customized

As a small business, we customize deliverables to fit into what you need for your clients, including white-labeled reports in your own branding. You decide what’s best—we can present ourselves as members of your team, or as independent experts.

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Harness the power of expert research for your brand or product.

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