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At ARIQx, we’re on a mission to help businesses create extraordinary user experiences and develop game-changing products. Our UX and product research solutions go beyond surface-level insights, diving deep into user behaviors and uncovering the “why” behind their actions through user interviews, user testing, concept testing, CRO audits, and video-based observational studies.

ARIQx guides some of the world’s leading brands to understand their users so they can:

Craft experiences that matter

We believe in stepping into the users’ shoes. Our research methods provide deep insights into user behaviors, preferences, and pain points. Through interviews, user testing, concept testing, User Experience (UX) audits, video-based observational studies, and more, we uncover the underlying motivations and needs of your target audience—empowering you to craft tailored experiences that genuinely resonate with your users.

Unravel the user journey

Every touchpoint where your customer and brand meet is an opportunity to make an impression. Through meticulous journey mapping, we unravel the pathways users traverse, spotlighting the moments that matter most. Armed with this map, you’re empowered to pave roads that make the user journey not just efficient, but delightful.

Optimize with precision

A seamless and delightful user experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our research insights enable you to optimize every touchpoint of your user journey, from intuitive interface design to personalized interactions. By aligning your product with user expectations, you create an exceptional experience that keeps users coming back. Through iterative usability testing and heuristic evaluations, we refine interfaces, optimizing them for intuitiveness, effectiveness, and allure.

Fuel informed decision-making

We believe in the power of data to drive business decisions. Our research solutions provide you with actionable data and evidence-based recommendations. Whether you're making decisions about feature prioritization, UX improvements, or product iterations, our insights ensure that you have the information you need to make informed choices that resonate with your users.

Drive product innovation

With ARIQx UX and product research, innovation becomes a strategic advantage. We help you identify unmet user needs, validate product ideas, and refine existing offerings. By understanding what your users truly want, you can develop game-changing products that disrupt the market and stay ahead of the competition.

How we do it

Your brand’s success relies on more than just great products and catchy slogans. It’s about understanding how your brand is perceived out there in the wild. Our research services help you evaluate brand perception, measure customer satisfaction, and assess your brand’s reputation. Armed with these insights, you’ll be able to spice up your brand image, forge deeper customer connections, and create a loyal fan base that keeps coming back for seconds. Our brand health trackers even do this over time.

We work with you customize a mixed-methods approach to UX and Product Testing—smartly designed to capture the precise insights you need to reach your goals.


User testing puts your design in the hands of real users, allowing you to observe their interactions, reactions, and feedback. By collecting direct input from your target audience, you gain authentic and unbiased insights into how well your product meets their needs and expectations. This feedback is crucial for refining your design, ensuring it aligns with user preferences, and uncovering usability issues

Diving into conversations with users, we unravel the layers of their experiences and perceptions. These dialogues are wellsprings of insights, painting a picture of the user’s mind when it comes to pain points, behaviors, motivations, and needs. Through thoughtful questioning and active listening, we unveil the voice of your users, providing you with a wealth of qualitative data that informs your design decisions and product strategy.

Ariqx plans, moderates, and reports on monthly usability testing, focusing on different areas of your product or marketing site each time, often informed by monthly analytics. We recruit target customers based on characteristics/screening criteria agreed on during our kickoff, conduct usability testing with 5 users a month, and present recommendations monthly.

Focus groups can be beneficial for eliciting group feedback and brainstorming ideas. We employ a Q-sort method to ask users to take a stand before entering the group dynamic, reducing groupthink. Together, we explore, analyze, and understand shared user experiences, expectations, and feedbac—a multi-dimensional view of the user narrative.

Immersing in the users’ environments, we observe and empathize with their interaction realms, building a bridge of understanding that illuminates design pathways. We can conduct these in-person or virtually through video diary studies.

UX experts with over 15 years of experience conduct heuristic audits, based on best practices and industry standards of navigation/organization, visuals, content, and interaction. We deliver actionable insights to help you optimize and enrich your product.

Concept testing plays a crucial role in validating ideas, gathering user feedback, and refining design concepts. At Bixa, we understand the importance of concept testing in ensuring that your product resonates with your target audience and achieves its intended goals. By presenting users with well-defined concepts and prototypes, we empower you to make informed decisions, optimize user experiences, and create winning solutions.


Crafting and unleashing targeted surveys, we gather a spectrum of user feedback, opinions, and experiences. These numerical insights are the beacons that guide the evolution of design strategies.

Harnessing visual representations of user interactions, heatmaps unveil the hotspots of user attention, interaction, and engagement, guiding focused design enhancements.

Conducting experimental duels between design variations, we unveil what enchants or disengages users, allowing for design optimizations that resonate with user preferences and behaviors.

Utilizing the power of numbers, we dive into usage patterns, interactions, and user behaviors. These quantitative insights shape informed, data-driven UX strategies.

Harness the power of expert research for your brand or product.

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