April 12, 2024

From Good to Great: Maximizing Research Team Potential

In the competitive realm of research, transitioning from a good team to a great one requires more than just competence—it demands a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to innovation, and a culture of collaboration. Explore how research teams can unlock their full potential and leave a lasting impact on their field.
March 22, 2024

From Crisis to Innovation: Rethinking Business in a Post-COVID World

After the chaos of COVID-19 settles down, businesses face a big decision: do they stay stuck in crisis mode or do they seize the chance to make things better? This excerpt talks about how businesses can turn tough times into opportunities. It's like a story of businesses sailing through rough seas, using flexibility, smart technology, and a clear sense of why they exist to find their way. In this uncertain world, being tough and creative is key to making it through and coming out stronger on the other side.
March 8, 2024

Cracking the Code: Understanding B2B Buyers’ Minds in 4 Key Questions

In the intricate realm of B2B marketing, understanding the journey of a buyer is akin to deciphering a complex puzzle. To truly connect with potential clients and guide them through the sales funnel, marketers must delve deep into the mindset of their audience. By asking the right questions, they can unravel the motivations, challenges, and decision-making processes that shape the buyer’s journey. Here, we explore four essential questions that illuminate the path to B2B marketing success.
March 8, 2024

Unveiling Innovative B2B Market Research Strategies For 2024

Enter the world of B2B market research in 2024, where new ideas and understanding people are key. Learn about cool methods like watching how businesses work and analyzing big sets of data. See how Quadratics helps companies figure out what to do next based on what they find out.
March 2, 2024

The Success behind Netflix’s Marketing Strategy: A Crown Jewel in Content Marketing

Discover how Netflix's innovative marketing strategy, fueled by personalization and original content like "The Crown," has reshaped the entertainment landscape, setting new standards for success in the digital age.
February 21, 2024

Winning Customer Personas from Real Brands to Inspire You

Get ready to uncover the vibrant personas steering the success of your most beloved brands! From trendsetting innovators to eco-warrior extraordinaires, each persona is a force to be reckoned with. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of consumer culture and meet the individuals driving it forward!
February 16, 2024

The Evolution of Market Research: From Traditional to Digital and Customer-Centric

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, market research plays a crucial role in understanding customer preferences and staying ahead of the competition. Over the years, market research methodologies have evolved significantly, transitioning from traditional methods to digital approaches that focus on customer-centricity. In this article, we will the fascinating journey of market research, delving into the transformation from traditional to digital techniques and the growing emphasis on customer-centricity.